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On, Gerry 45d Surrey-Kent border 223ft wrote: 2030 Rain 39F Plenty of snow reports on uksnowmap. Things have dried up nicely and it is a real bonus to have a bit of cold for a change. Pay your indulgences you plebs. On, Rich wrote: Craig -I get your point about thermal lag with the oceans, that they hold heat and modify the climate around them (Coasts remain warmer in autumn early winter). Last year it

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snowed in Berks in Dec, Jan, Feb and March with 3 decent spells - and this is not snow County believe me! The sun made it through Feb with no sunspots and is on a run 32 days so far - 47 for the year so far (75). Long way to go with, as we saw this year, snow opportunities possible all the way into April (1908/1958/1981/2008 (yes a 50 Yr repeat in the mix there). Jo Nova shows how having lots of free sun and wind power give you unit costs of over 13000 compared to the Luddites in Queensland paying.60. It is then likely to remain mostly unsettled through the rest of the period with spells of rain and strong winds. If Nott'm is cut off by this time tomorrow, I'll accept the responsibility.

Also Piers did mention odd/even cycles having diff effects (Hale). Some nice sunny spells for a time but mostly cloudy a little windy wnw and 9 deg feeling like 4.42.m Last week said cold and snow will not hit Ireland only UK now they say today in the papers Met say "SSW. Forecast stormy weekend, we might have some short lived snow here, since a SE is the best chance of a snow with the long fetch overland. Beeb monthly backing away to more average conditions which is probably more realistic currently.Overall ALL models generally seem to be still struggling to get a grip on the forecast. I do wonder if this is because of global warming and architects/structural engineers saving money in the belief that such snow will never occur again. Not so many is it? 4) Short of unexpected warmth however, the Christmas/New Year should see good winter holiday conditions for most, a welcome relief after a few poor starts in recent y On, Lorraine wrote: Lorraine/ just tuned ion you tube channel and unprecedented snowfall in North Carolina 20inches. Cold springs are likely I believe.

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It was warmer in sihteeriopisto vantaa oili virta the nuori pimppi tampere thaihieronta medieval warm sihteeriopisto vantaa oili virta period, which of course most of the pseudo scientists with their hockey sticks made to disappear. He has missed a few over the years but its a different approach to regular forecasting that we all buy into bakeca macerata bakeka incontri asti with Piers, and its evolving continually so will hopefully become more accurate with time. There have been huge changes in temp within hours, and again this morning -6C. Whats in store for us? Can you really trust that the average of those things, to the 1/10 C, means anything? Less cold weather coming in next couple of days, but Polar Maritime air returning over the weekend. The only reason why Britain never could become a dictatorship bakeca macerata bakeka incontri asti is because of the totally bungling incompetence gross inefficiency of the bureaucracy.

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Serious dating sites south africa kirkkonummi I guess though there a fairly mature audience here do no preaching from. The link doesn't appear unfortunately. On, C View wrote: Here is an interesting extract from a piece on the Watts Up With That dating en travel mann kymenlaakso site. David - working on a reply to you as I'm doing a little digging ian harding dating history keski pohjanmaa through CET AMO solar min/max.
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